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Reasons to use Indigo

10 Reasons to use INDIGO Primary Care Services

Value for Money

We ensure our combined prices are as competitive as any Locums provider that you may have dealt with before, many times we are cheaper and our combined prices are fully inclusive with no extra costs.

No Hidden Extras

Our Locums will not charge any hidden extras such as mileage, accommodation or pension; you only pay the price we quote you

Convenient Billing

We offer 30 days from the day of invoice, which is normally one week after the Locums have worked for you. That means you get up to 39 days to settle the account

Clinical System Trained

All of our Locums are trained in modern clinical systems, and we only supply you with staff able to use your computer system. All our Locum clinicians also hold valid and active smart cards.

Visits, on Call and out of office hours

We ensure that Visits, on call cover and out of office hours can be covered if required; we supply you with Locums that meet all your requirements.

Regular Checks and updates

Indigo check Locums necessary documentation before we confirm a request can be covered, and our administration team also ensure that the documentation is kept up to date with regular and strict auditing.
Documentations Indigo have on file.

Standardised Terms and conditions

All our Locums follow a set of standardised terms & conditions which means you know that any locum we arrange will provide the type of cover that you want, not the cover a Locums wants to offer.


We ensure that the terms & conditions are as flexible as they possibly can be, we even arrange a 14 day cancellation period meaning that if things do change, you can cancel or amend your booking up to 14 days before the session.

Extensive Databases

Our database of Locums is extensive and varied meaning that you only have to make one call to us to find someone with the qualifications you require, perfectly suited to your Locum needs, in any position you need them.


If the locums cannot attended for whatever reason, we will do all we can to arrange an immediate replacement for you.